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The Possibilities Podcast

Jan 8, 2020

4 days. 


170,000+ attendees. 


Everyone from tech CEOs to Deepak Chopra to Megan Rapinoe. 


Dreamforce 2019 #DF19 was a smashing success. 


People came from all over the globe to hear about the latest innovations, the latest acquisitions, and the latest technology bombshells coming from the Salesforce camp. 


On a recent episode of the Possibilities podcast, we sat down with Eric Scheel, CTO at Magnet360, a Salesforce consulting partner, to talk all about:

  • The latest announcements out of #DF19
  • Customer 360 Truth
  • The customer reactions to all the innovation at #DF19
  • The biggest challenges he sees when helping companies implement digital transformation

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